Discuss your Project

Do you have a specific project in mind for an area or a purpose? Please come and discuss it with us. We are interested in assisting with new projects in three ways:

1. Reaching Remote Areas: If you wish to start a project in an unreachable area, maybe we can help you make it more accessible by aiding you in building a runway.

2. Connecting People: Because we fly with many different organisations working across South Sudan, both international and national, we are uniquely placed to be able to advise you on other helpful contacts who might be working in the same areas.

3. Supporting People: If you would like to use our aircraft to help you with your project we often can arrange extra funding to allow us to offer you subsidized travel. The MAF support offices take on these projects and raise funds through the year to allow us to subsidize the flight.

Please contact our bookings staff to discuss a project. Contact details are available on our contacts page¬†or email: [email protected]